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Our Story

"Food brings people together, thats's why we opened this place"

A third-generation Canadian, my grandparents first came to Canada in the 1930's from San Giorgio Morgeto in Southern Italy's Calabria region, first settling in Hamilton and later in Guelph.

We always grew up with a big family, loved to cook, loved to eat. That's how I started my love for cooking and my Nonna taught me all my recipes.

I had a lot of time to learn from my Nonna Catina Anselmini's recipes, as she lived right next door. We were there every day after school, there was always a big plate of pasta on the table. I learned from my Nonna and my Aunt, who works with me now. My Aunt did catering jobs but otherwise did not have professional experience in food service.

I started with at-home catering during the pandemic two years ago in 2021, a year that was also marked by my Nonna's passing away.

I am so honoured to get to carry on the tradition of my Nonna's food through her recipes at the restaurant. Food brings people together, so that's why I opened this restaurant in Fergus.



"The reception has been overwhelmingly supportive from the community"

"I'm so happy to bring this type of food to the community. That's what people are saying, they're happy for home fresh food".

Natasha Mahdi


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